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Put your brain to work in this addictive puzzle game that millions of players adore already!

Physics Drop is the perfect time killer because each puzzle can be solved in many creative ways.

To solve a puzzle you have to drop the red ball into the U by drawing lines, shapes and objects. Do you think it’s easy? Try and see how challenging it can be!



: fixed lines, movable lines, springs, black holes, gravity direction changers, and more!


. Challenge your friends or play against random players… The player who solves the puzzle quicker wins!


. Do you like to show off? Record your games and upload the videos to YouTube. Compare the way you solve the puzzles with other players!


. Do you think you are quick? The cronometer will tell you just how quick you are solving each puzzle


Check your best time by puzzle at the end of each level


Change the line color and the line width to your liking


. You can erase the lines or shapes you draw whenever you want


. Tap the restart button to start the level from scratch

- To solve a puzzle you have to drop the red ball into the U

- Draw as many lines, polygons, and shapes as you need

- The ball and everything your draw react to the law of gravity

- Beware not to trap the ball between a group of lines; if you get stuck, tap the restart button

- Certain objects can change the ball's direction... and place!

- Certain walls will make the ball bounce back

- Buttons can open walls that block the path

This educational game features more than 100 physics problems suitable for all ages for you and your family to practise your problem solving skills, creative thinking and reflexes.

Physics Drop is a fun way of practising physics... download it and try!

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